Jaco’s beach town is one of the most famous tourist spots in the entire Costa Rican land. The residential area is located in close vicinity of the ocean and the beach to embark on several water sports and activities. Apart from this, Jaco has some wonderful night and strip clubs where you can enjoy yourself and make the vacation more memorable.

As Jaco has grown tremendously popular as a vacation spot, you will find different rental properties for tourists. Starting from condos to apartments, you will have innumerable options with different facilities and marvelous infrastructures.

Sounds amazing, right?

Well, indeed it does. And that’s why here we will give you a glimpse of the various vacation rentals in Jaco that will make your trip better and unforgettable.

Beach Facing Villas And Mansions

As Jaco is a beach town, you will come across several villas and mansions having a direct ocean view. Most of these properties are present just beyond the coastal tree line. Hence, it will hardly take a few minutes to reach the Jaco beach, which is somewhat more flexible.

If you are up for spending your time amidst sand and ocean water, several options will be there, like oceanfront villas, beach facing mansions with outdoor pools, mansions having outdoor BBQ area and open dining infrastructure, and so on.

Forest facing tropical mansions

A few kilometers into the mainland of Jaco, you will find dense forest covers. Several vacation properties are there near the woods, which will provide you with an excellent view of the tropical forests.

These mansions are surrounded by huge trees, the palms specifically, making them the best natural retreats. If you are on a family vacation, these forest facing tropical mansions will be ideal for your plans.

Private VIP rental homes

One of the most popular types of vacation rentals in Jaco is the private rental home. These are VIP properties which mean the infrastructure are beyond comprehension. Most homes come with indoor or outdoor pools with a wonderfully designed deck, flower gardens, backyard lawns, pool table rooms, BBQ areas, open area kitchens, and so on. If you want to enjoy the vacation with your friends or family in complete privacy, these houses are the best choice.

Tropical designed luxury residences.

Another type of property you can find in Jaco beach town is the luxury residences having tropical and cottage-style designs. You will plant large trees and several vegetation covers within the property boundary only. This will give you an eco-friendly vibe, thereby enhancing the serenity and elegance of the ambience.


These are the main property types you can find in Jaco for renting. Make sure to get the best rental property so that you can spend your time with no interruption or burden. Also, be sure about the rental budget while booking the property for the concerned number of days.