Jaco Beach Bachelor Party

Guide to Your Jaco Bachelor Party

Planning Guide for Your Jaco beach Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Costa Rica is a full service specialty travel agency that is the longest running Jaco Beach bachelor party organizer. Our team arranges your entire group vacation and every detail of your special event – from Limo Bus pick-up at the airport to in-house chef service to an all-out full blow crazy ass pool party!

Our team of planning experts have arranged over 600 bachelor parties and will help you personalized the entire event for your group.

We Customize Your Perfect Jaco Beach Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Bay has established and developed long-term relationships with the finest Costa Rica vacation rentals, hotels, mansions, restaurants, condos, golf courses, tour companies, and transportation companies to deliver the best Costa Rica has to offer. We also have partnerships with the best strip clubs have the classiest and most talented ladies.

We’ll customize your trip and your party. While some companies only offer a few generic packages, Bachelor Party Costa Rica proudly give our clients the best-in-class service they desire and deserve. You can pick the adventure activities that interest you, and your personal transport is there for you to maximize every minute of your bachelor party and Costa Rica vacation.

We will only recommend the absolute best restaurants, hotels, services and private homes.

Bachelor Party Costa Rica takes care of every aspect of your vacation:

Costa Rica has one of the most advance tourist service industries in Latin America, and in Costa Rica, Jaco Beach leads the pack in the tourism service industry. Advanced reservations and planning is required for the top restaurants, top exclusive accommodations, as well as adventure activities such as sportfishing charters. These places and activities are booked months in advance. Bachelor Party Costa Rica maintained a long standing special relationship with all the owner of these top faculties and services and can make it all happen the way you want.

Why party in Costa Rica instead of somewhere else?

Apart from Costa Rica’s advanced tourist service industry with an unparalleled number of accommodation options and adventure activities, the perfect tropical weather and stunning natural landscapes make this small country the major party capital of the Americas. Costa Rica is not only a place to relax and enjoy fun-in-the-sun, but a place to come and cut loose with a little Pura Vida!

Costa Rica has two main regions where North Americans come to partake is Costa Rica famous sizzling night life of bars, girls, casinos, girls, hotels, girls and of course girls. One area is downtown San Jose and the other is Jaco on Costa Rica Central Pacific. Bachelor Party Costa Rica ensures our party clients experience the best choices.

Proximity is another primary reason some many party groups are choosing Costa Rica. At only 5.5 hours flight time from most North American hubs, Costa Rica is fast to get to and inexpensive.

Costa Rica has everything you could ever imagine or want for an amazing and memorable bachelor party. With its spectacular selection of night clubs, dining, casinos, strip clubs, and adventure activities as well as a massive choice of luxurious accommodations, private homes and villas with private pools and full kitchens, it is easy to see why Costa Rica has become the go-to destination for a bachelor party vacation.

Bachelor Party Costa Rica experienced planning services makes your Costa Rica nightlife party travels better and easy:

  • Never wait in line
  • VIP Access to lounges at the classiest clubs
  • Luxury transportation such as Limo Bus
  • Customized schedules just for you and your boys

Our extensive knowledge of Costa Rica’s night life ensures that your group gets only the best-in-class services and places to enjoy.

Planning your Jaco Beach Bachelor Party

If you don’t know Costa Rica well it can be difficult to research and select activities, party locations and accommodations. A bad choice can ruin the best laid plans.

With over 17 years’ experience specializing in vacation party planning, Costa Rican adventure tourism, and Costa Rica sportfishing,

It’s extremely difficult to know whether the information on various websites is reliable and accurate. Apart from that, the best Costa Rica hotels and party villas, are generally booked months in advance, so getting the best accommodations and bookings can be near impossible, especially coordinated ll the logistics of transports, accommodations, activities, pool hostesses, etc.

Bachelor Party Costa Rica makes custom planning your groups entire experience easy, safe and secures, with every detail is managed in advance, all that’s left is for you and your friends to to do is have some fun!

Jaco Beach Vacation Rentals

Get the best Jaco Beach vacation rental, with everything you and your posse want! Bachelor Party Costa Rica has a great selection of the best mansions, beachfront or condo vacation rentals.

Check out this Jaco Beach Vacation Rental gallery!

The #1 place in Costa Rica to have a Bachelor Party

Jaco Beach is definitely the party town of Costa Rica. In Jaco you will find beautiful women, amazing beaches, exciting tours, fishing charters, sizzling bars, great restaurants, and incredible beachfront vacation rentals.

While San Jose has much to offer, we recommend a night visit to experience the best of San Jose but not an extended stay, and preferably on your first or last night – it’s better to plan a San Jose night based the groups arrival and departure times. The bottom line is Jaco Beach simple has so much more and better vacation rentals, party spots, nightlife as well you have all the adventure and ocean activities from sportfishing, zip lining through the canopies, surfing, ATV tours, white water rafting… to name a few.

If you do want a night in San Jose with your main party Command Center in Jaco Beach, we can arrange a party bus for you, to be in San Jose in approximately 1.5 hours, when you are ready to return to the beach and/or pool party back in your private beachfront villa, your party bus will be at your command.

The Bachelor Party Costa Rica Pool Party – a particular favorite specialty of ours!

It wouldn’t be a Jaco Beach bachelor party without the ‘pool party’. A pool party for any vacation is a good idea but in Jaco it’s almost a given!

We have organized over 600 pool parties for our groups in Jaco… check out our Pool Party Gallery!

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 Frequently Asked Questions on Jaco Beach Bachelor Parties

Do I need a passport?

Yes you need a passport. All foreign citizens require a passport  to enter Costa Rica, if you have a passport from United States, Canada, or Europe you do not a visa to enter Costa Rica. For nights out on the town, you should carry a copy of your passport including the photo page as well as the page that has your most current entry stamp.

What should I pack?

Jaco is well known as laid back tropical beach town so the dress code is shorts, t-shirts or tank tops and flip flops.

If your Jaco Beach Bachelor plan includes a night or two of partying in San Jose, we recommend you dress up a bit, as well San Jose can be cool the evenings.

Your private party house will have laundry facilities.

Should I exchange cash at the airport?

You can, but it is not necessary. While US dollars are accepted just about everywhere in Costa Rica your Jaco beach bachelor party hostess will help you all your groups currency and exchange requirement and get you the best rate. You can exchanging as you go, say at a restaurant or bar, you will not get the best exchange. Doing exchange as you go can end up costing you hundreds of dollars. If you are using American money and understand the dollar to colone exchange rate, make sure to ask front on exchange.

Should we tip?

Yes, tips are recommended. Most guides, servers and hosts rely on tips. However many, if not most bars and restaurants add an automatic gratuity of 10% on your bill but throwing in something extra is good etiquette and apart from that, these servers and hosts do work extra hard keeping our clients visitors happy.

Is Jaco far from the airport, what about transportation?

All transfers are taken care of by our expert drivers. Jaco Beach is about a 1 ¼ hour drive from the airport in San Jose. We provide transportation services to Jaco and back or anywhere else in Costa Rica as required.

For larger groups (more than 10), we got that too.

For special transportation needs check out our Limo Party Bus

No hablo español, no problem dude.

As Costa Rica’s most advanced tourist service industry almost everyone you will be dealing with speaks English, or at least Spanglish, with that said a little Spanish is certainly helpful. Bachelor Party Costa Rica works with only the best faculties, operators and companies and all of them have English speaking staff. Your driver and Hostess are completely bilingual.

Will my cellular phone work in Costa Rica?

Have to thumbs down on that one, unless you are an international. Some cellular service providers from your home country have reasonable international rates; however once you enter la-la-land it’s basically a crap shoot. Not to worry because you can access Wi-Fi just about everywhere in Costa Rica so if you have a smart phone, you are good to go.

What is the cost of a Jaco Beach Bachelor Party?

While that is depended on the package and customizations to your package it will cost far less than Las Vegas. You can spend far, far less money in Costa Rica, and have a much bigger and better time because we are in Jaco and have an ocean! As a ball-park estimate you can have a great time for about $300 per day, per person. This includes the basics such as your hotel, food, drinks and the ladies.

What kinds of other activities can we add to our Costa Rica Bachelor Party Package?

The Jaco area has every tropical adventure activity imaginable for your group, sportfishing, canopy zip lines, white water rafting, ATV mountain tours, kayaking, base jumping, canyoneering, golf, surfing, you name it, we can hook you up.

Are there Casinos in Jaco?

Yes Jaco has casinos as well if you are planning a day/night trip to San Jose; there are many great casinos to visit. Gambling and prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. You must be of legal age which is 18 or older.

Can we hire private strippers and pool party girls?


What is the weather like?

It will be hot. You should pack beach attire. In Jaco, shirts and shoes are normally optional, unless you go to an upscale club or restaurant; as well you want to have something nice to wear if you are having a night trip into San Jose or special event.

Should we have hotel or private house/vacation rental?

A private vacation rental is the only way to go. Our Vacation rental homes are secure, gated and completely private. We are talking theater room, pool, multiple full bars, BBQ areas, TV’s in every room, private bathrooms, you name it we can make it happen.

Can we get a house Chef?

Definitely a good idea, they will shop for what you want, they prepare the meals and clean up after. Let’s face it your time is short and you need to make the most of it and further, after a hard night of partying who wants to have to start cooking.

Can we get a Luxury Yacht?

The Central Pacific coast has some amazing private luxury charters available check out these options!

If you have any further questions about a Jaco Beach bachelor party, you can call us or contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions to make sure you have the best Costa Rica bachelor vacation possible.



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