Despite being a small community, Playa Hermosa is a frequently visited area in the entire Guanacaste province. On the northern side, it’s guarded by the Pacific Ocean, while on the opposite side, you will have tropical rainforests. The two-kilometer Hermosa Beach is filled with grey sand and volcanic rock patches scattered unevenly.

Having a vacation in Playa Hermosa is a dream come true for many. With the subtle ambience, warm weather throughout the year, and the wonderful nature’s picturesque, this particular beach community has become a famous tourist destination over the years. And this is why perhaps so many rental residences have been introduced to both national and foreign tourists.

As you will want to spend your vacation days in sheer peace, we have decided here to guide you in choosing the best Playa Hermosa rentals. Be it for having a bachelor party or a family vacation. This community has a lot to offer. So, let’s see how you can get your hands over the best holiday vacation rental property.

Explore through different rental properties

Your first task will be to look through the different properties that have been put up for rentals in Playa Hermosa. Starting from mansions to condos, you will have endless options. And this is why looking through the various rental properties is important. Some of the trending property types you can find here are:

  • Small contemporary mansions with indoor pools
  • Beach facing villas having cottage-style décor
  • Tropical design luxury villas with clay-tiled roofs
  • Family villas with private amenities
  • Corporate vacation homes in a single campus

Choose the property type based on the purpose

Next, you need to choose the property type based on the purpose of your vacation. For example, if you plan a honeymoon in Playa Hermosa, choosing a small, cottage-style, or tropical styled villa will be ideal. You will need a large villa with private amenities and enough rooms to accommodate everyone for corporate vacations. Similarly, if you have your bachelor party here, a mansion will suffice your needs.

Look through the infrastructure and facilities.

Once you have decided the type of property you want for yourself, you need to check the Playa Hermosa rentals‘ infrastructure you have listed down. Starting with the interior décor to the number of rooms, kitchen spaciousness, pools, and other amenities must be checked before your booking. You also need to confirm whether the rental property has all the facilities you need or not.

Choose a Prime Location

Lastly, you need to select the best location. If you plan a peaceful vacation with no interruption, you can look for rental properties close to the tropical forests as the area is quite serene and almost less trotted. If you want to enjoy the openness of Hermosa Beach, ocean-facing properties will be ideal.


With so many rental property options, it can be a real challenge in choosing one. This is why we have explained some of the steps that will give you a kick-start, if not solve your dilemma completely. Make sure you get the right rental property. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin your vacation!