Costa Rica has long stretches of sandy beaches, bordering the northeast, southeast, and the southwest areas. Several beach towns and resorts have been set up across the country, which has made it possible for the tourists to have a lifetime of experience near the vast expanse of the oceans and seas.

If you are planning to stay in Costa Rica for a couple of days, the various luxury beach vacation rentals will be the best retreats which you shouldn’t miss. Most of the beachfront villas or condos consist of a wide-open view of the sandy stretches with the crystal background of the water body. Some of these properties are directly located right at the borderline of the beach and the interior land while some are hidden by the costal vegetation, a little away from the beach line.

With so many options in hand, don’t you think choosing the best vacation rental in the Costa Rican beaches is going to be the most difficult task?

Yes, indeed it is and that’s why you need to be very certain about your choice. If you are baffled with the entire task, do not worry anymore. In this following discussion, we will be focusing on some tips that will definitely help you to find the most suitable vacation rental in the Costa Rican beaches.

Location choice

Usually, the beach rental properties have two main locations-

  1. In close vicinity of the coast where a few steps will lead to the beach
  2. A little to the inside of the coastal area, surrounded by beach vegetation

Based on the preference of the location, you need to apply the filter property while listing down the property names. Make sure that whatever location you have chosen is ideal for your vacation plan.

Rental property type

The next thing you have to decide is the property type that you can get on rent near the beaches. Usually, villas and condominiums are the most common property type with an open view of the ocean and the long stretch of the sandy coast. However, at some places, you will find rainforest villas or luxury mansions located a little away from the main beach.

Property infrastructure and exterior

A villa will not have the same infrastructure as of the condos or the mansions. Hence, if you want to choose the perfect luxury beach vacation rentals or Luxury Villa Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica, you need to look thoroughly through the infrastructure which will include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living area locations, indoor pools, and others. Similarly, you also need to consider the exteriors as per your convenience.


Choosing the perfect luxury rental in the Costa Rican beaches might sound to be the most difficult task at the beginning. But if we look carefully, the work is not that much hard, provided you have a proper guide to start with. Hence, make sure you follow out tips as they will help you to choose the best vacay beach rental.